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Becoming an exchange student

Each student feels the need to do something different during his studies. Approaching some new life experience and developing personal skills appears to be as important as passing exams in the classroom.

Life isn’t only about what you see and do in your own country, hometown or school, or even with your friends. Choosing a program that allows you to spend a whole year or even few months abroad can open totally new perspectives and broaden your horizons in a whole new way.

Why choosing an exchange program?

Becoming an exchange student offers you more than knowledge about the other country, its language and culture. A period of time spent in a foreign country will teach you about new responsibilities, tolerating beliefs of other cultures and respecting differences.

Who are exchange students?

Exchange student is every incoming student that is being sent from a partner University and chooses to study a semester or a whole year at ‘Goce Delcev’ University of Stip, Macedonia (a.k.a UGD)

Study opportunities

A year abroad teaches you about building friendships, taking responsibility for yourself, respecting differences and tolerating the beliefs of others. A student that comes to spend a semester at UGD can choose from a whole array of study fields that are available for studying in English. The students that choose UGD as an exchange opportunity are offered an opportunity to spend quality time before, during and after the classes. Students that are interested to study basic Macedonian language are given the opportunity to do this for the duration of their stay. Еvery exchange student that comes at UGD has a local Erasmus buddy who is conversant in English and who will plan some social activities and be available to help you during your stay.

Grading system at UGD

The grading system for incoming students at UGD is standardized and the grades can be easily transformed into the local institutional grades of the student’s home University:



ECTS grade

Up to 50 points

5 (five)


From 51 to 60 points

6 (six)


From 61 to 70 points

7 (seven)


From 71 to 80 points

8 (eight)


From 81 to 90 points

9 (nine)


From 91 to 100 points

10 (ten)


Incoming students: procedure

The procedure for the incoming students that chose UGD for a student mobility is simplified and easily finished.

The University Goce Delcev - Stip offers instruction both in Macedonian and English for every study program available at the Faculties and Academies of UGD. The incoming students can spend a semester or the whole academic year at UGD.

The application procedure is as it follows: After your home University sends a nomination at, you will quickly receive an answer whether the Faculty or Academy at UGD accepts them. When accepted, you will receive an invitation letter, after which you are required to fill in a Learning Mobility agreement, send an updated transcript of records from your home University, a Language Certificate – all of which are added to the online application each incoming student must fill in.

As an incoming student, you will be contacted by the Erasmus office for any details regarding their stay in Macedonia and he will receive some useful information about the University, the city of Stip, help regarding the accommodation and visa if required.

After a successful finishing of the studies, the student will receive a certificate of attendance and a transcript of records with the grades that students achieved at UGD.

Note: Only students from partner Universities can be accepted as incoming Erasmus students.

Application deadlines

15 June for the winter semester/full academic year

15 November for the summer semester

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