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Faculty of Natural and Technical Sciences

The Faculty of Natural and Technical Sciences includes a large number of attractive study programs in all three cycles of studies. The students that study at the Faculty of Natural and Technical Sciences acquire high competencies, knowledge, and skills that are required in modern companies. The practice during studies, the cooperation with the businesses and the experienced teaching staff are the three basic elements that surely enable students to obtain high competencies that are relevant not only in the domestic but in the international labor market as well. The Faculty of Natural and Technical Sciences is the right choice for every young person.

Study programmes

Second cycle studies

  • Mining engineering 
    • Surface exploitation 
    • Underground exploitation 
    • Technology for minerals 
  • Geology 
    • Petrology, mineralogy and geochemistry 
    • Fields of mineral raw material 
    • Hydrogeology and engineering geology 
    • Geology and geophysics 
  • Civil engineering 
    • Transport infrastructure 
    • Geomechanics 
  • Architecture and design 
    • Landscape architecture 
    • Furniture and interior design and technologies 
    • Industrial logistics 
    • Environmental engineering 
    • Module: Engineering of working environment 
    • Module: Environmental engineering 
    • Environmental engineering

Departmental coordinator: Stojance Mijalkovski, PhD
e-mail: stojance.mijalkovski@ugd.edu.mk
Tel. +389 32 550 582

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineering as a branch of the technique is widely applied in people’s daily lives. This branch is present in the production of the smallest parts of objects to the largest, which are produced from various metals and their alloys such as metal accessories (screws, bolts, nuts, etc.), vehicles, metalworking machines, locomotives for trains, civil engineering and mining machines, turbines for hydroelectric power plants, and necessary machines for the production of textile, food, agricultural industry and in many other areas.

Study programmes

Departmental coordinator: Marija Cekerovska, PhD
e-mail: marija.cekerovska@ugd.edu.mk
Tel. +389 32 550 866

Faculty of Computer Science

The most modern amphitheaters, lecture rooms, laboratories, where the most sophisticated equipment and technology are available, as well as all other necessities that our future students need for successful accomplishment of the studies, are just few of the things that the Faculty of Computer Science offers as a perfect option for the professional computer scientists.

Study programmes

Departmental coordinator: Aleksandra Mileva, PhD
e-mail: aleksandra.mileva@ugd.edu.mk
Tel. +389 32 550 106

Faculty of Electrical Engineering

The work of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering is organized into three departments: Department of Industrial electronics and automatics, Department of Electrical measurements and standards and Department of industrial process computers. During the studies, the student has an opportunity to take part in a research work, by preparing projects or paper works on different subjects, or by way of preparing the diploma work. The Faculty supports all students in different ways, by organizing events like student conferences and other manifestations, or by exchange and mobility with other higher educational institutions in the country and abroad.

Study programmes

Departmental coordinator: Todor Cekerovski, PhD
e-mail: todor.cekerovski@ugd.edu.mk
Tel. +389 32 550 122

Faculty of Agriculture

The Faculty of Agriculture, within the frameworks of its basic activity, carried out in Strumica, Shtip, Kavadarci and Sveti Nikole, performs higher educational and scientific research work in the field of agro-technics, biotechnology, selection and genetics, plant protection, agronomy and gardening, pomiculture and viniculture, animal husbandry, processing of agricultural products and control of food products. With its versatility and open doors, the Faculty of Agriculture is available to all interested students who want to study at some of the study programs at the first cycle of studies or specialize in some of the study programs at the second and the third cycle of studies. 

Study programmes

Departmental coordinator: Biljana Balabanova, PhD

e-mail: biljana.balabanova@ugd.edu.mk
Tel. +389 32 550 612

Faculty of Technology

The Faculty of Technology creates an academic atmosphere where the students from the country and abroad will continuously be encouraged and inspired to show what they know and what they can do. The Faculty of Technology will enable and teach students to find the answers to questions imposed by changes, following the development of the industry and the technological achievements in the country and the world.
The curriculum is based on positive experiences of developed countries and the cooperation with the scientific researchers that are engaged in universities, institutes and production companies worldwide. Improving the quality and teaching efficiency is a priority of our faculty, and through a continuous professional development of the professors, introduction, and advancement of new forms of learning, as well as greater involvement of teachers and improvement of the relation professor – student, students get a huge support in achieving their maximum.

Study programmes

Departmental coordinator: Darko Andronikov, PhD
e-mail: darko.andronikov@ugd.edu.mk
Tel. +389 32 550 111

Faculty of Medical Sciences

The Faculty of Medical Sciences encourages students who have made the Faculty their choice to step into the future in the role of highly skilled stuff, trained for the challenges of medical service. Our Faculty places an emphasis on acquiring knowledge, organizing studies, developing and promoting education and science, developing creative skills, preparing students for their occupation that requires implementation of professional knowledge and scientific discoveries, encouraging medical technology development, and developing awareness about higher professional healthcare services.

Study programmes

Departmental coordinator: Katerina Zlatanovska, PhD
e-mail: katerina.zlatanovska@ugd.edu.mk
Tel. +389 32 550 442

Faculty of Economics

The Faculty of Economics meets the challenges that the development of modern society and business imposes, through continuous process of educating highly professional staff that is competent to resolve problems and reinforce the competitiveness of the enterprises within world standards, through highly graded programmes of business, management and economy.
The Faculty provides professional services and researchers for the enterprises and state administration, as well.  Therefore, the Faculty works on the constant strengthening of its reputation on national as well as on international level.
The Faculty takes care of accomplishing high-quality education and scientifically applied activities, following the changes and requirements in the economy and society, stimulating innovation and using the most modern educational technique at the same time.

Study programmes

Departmental coordinator: Vesna Georgieva Svrtinov, PhD
e-mail: vesna.svrtinov@ugd.edu.mk

Faculty of Educational Sciences

The promotion of pedagogical practice and the development of the teaching professions at local, regional and national level is one of the primary goals of the Faculty of Educational Sciences. Higher education, inventiveness, and credibility in the profession are values that prospective students can expect in this pleasant environment, and where they can fulfill their ambition as future pedagogues and experts in one of the various educational areas that this Faculty offers.

Study programmes

Departmental coordinator: Daniela Koceva, PhD
e-mail: daniela.jakimova@ugd.edu.mk
Tel. +389 32 550 518

Faculty of Law

The Faculty of Law is an institution of higher education that prepares the students in the area of law, politics, diplomacy, public administration, journalism and public relations through modern educational processes.
The Faculty’s goal is to follow the world trends of higher education in the field of law, politics, journalism and public relations, continuously. All programs are designed in accordance with the ECTS standards and enable acquiring best possible competencies, as well as the participation of students in practical and scientific work.
The students of journalism and public relations can be practically faced with the challenges through the current media that the University owns, such as the University’s radio, the University’s IP television, the University’s newspaper, the websites of the University and the student’s newspaper.

Study programmes

Departmental coordinator: Biljana Todorova, PhD
e-mail: biljana.todorova@ugd.edu.mk
Tel. +389 32 550 470

Faculty of Philology

The Faculty of Philology sets a solid foundation as a condition for further upgrading and improvement of its activity as higher education and scientific institution that continuously cherish the love of philology, and train young people for cultural competition among nations and especially for preserving our national identity.
The Faculty of Philology has a particularly important mission to train the students by deepening their knowledge in the field of Macedonian language and literature, as well as in the study of foreign languages, and thus creating love for learning foreign languages and literature in general.

Study programmes

Departmental coordinator: Eva Georgievska , PhD
e-mail: eva.velinova@ugd.edu.mk
Tel. +389 32 550 160

Faculty of Tourism and Business Logistics

The Faculty of Tourism and Business Logistics is conceptualized upon curricula of the leading European universities for tourism, but also upon domestic, vocational experience. The future students will have an opportunity to study tourism, business logistics, gastronomy, nutrition, and dietetics. The study programs are in accordance with the Bologna declaration, due to the introduction of the European credit transfer system, and up-to-date organization of education.
Almost all the students during their education at the Faculty of Tourism and Business Logistics will have an opportunity in a practical manner to learn about their future profession by visiting most elite destinations in the country and abroad.

Study programmes

Departmental coordinator: Natasa Miteva, PhD
e-mail: natasa.miteva@ugd.edu.mk
Tel. +389 32 550 360

Art Academy

The Classical Art students have a unique opportunity to acquire the elements and principals of classical art skills, which not only are the base for classical but also for contemporary artistic forms of expression. Students gain technical skills in classical painting, and at the same time, they develop their creativity, as well as individuality by using a visual language.

Study programmes

Departmental coordinator: Jordan Efremov, PhD
e-mail: jordan.efremov@ugd.edu.mk
Tel. +389 32 550 338

Academy of Music

The Academy of Music, with its departments, integrates musical past, present, and future, as well as the rich tradition of both classical and alternative music. It also integrates a different view of the music phenomenon, observing music as both art and science. Therefore, we believe that prospective students will recognize their future at our Faculty and within its framework of undergraduate and postgraduate studies, they will acquire scientific or artistic title.
The Academy of Music is the only faculty within the country that in the focus of its study programs includes music, instruments and vocal interpretation of the most performed music genres in the country and the world - jazz, classical and ethno music.

Study programmes

Departmental coordinator: Valentina Velkovska Trajanovska, PhD

e-mail: valentina.trajanovska@ugd.edu.mk
Tel. +389 32 550 213

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