Zied Adjoudj

Université de Franche-Comté - France

How would you describe your Erasmus experience at UGD?

My experience at UGD is so good, I have learned many things about me and life in general. It was the first time that I had to take care of myself alone. Erasmus at UGD have made me more open minded than 6 months ago, they were some bad moments, but an infinity of very good moments.

What was the best moment of the whole exchange ?

It’s very difficult to choose one special moment but if I must choose one, I think that I will choose my first days in Shtip. Everything was totally different than I have ever seen, and I realized that that is the life I wanted to live. See another culture, trying to learn a totally different alphabet..

What do you think you have learned during your exchange, that you have probably would not have learned had you not gone (academically or personally)?

Makedonski hahaha.. More seriously I think that if I would never have gone, I would have never learned how to behave in a totally foreign environment, where no one is talking my language, and where I cannot find help everywhere.

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