Titouan Buronfosse

Erasmus + exchange at UGD in Stip, Macedonia
Faculty of Computer Science

I am Titouan Buronfosse, I am French and I made my Erasmus exchange pruposed by my university (Université de Franche-Comté) with UGD for 5 month. I was in second year at university and I studying computer science.

How would you describe your Erasmus experience at UGD?
(And “How would you describe your overall experience in Macedonia?” in same time)

Amazing, unexpected and terrible. I think these three word describe very well my experience at UGD and in Macedonia.
Amazing, because I started to realize my dream of visiting as many countries as possible. Moreover I met so many friendly foreigners and Macedonians and had a wonderful time with all of them. It was amazing too for the city and the country, so different from France ! And for the food, the prices, the landscapes, and so on.. I think the list of reasons why it’s amazing is very long !
It was also unexpected. I didn’t think that UGD’s lessons was like this : private meeting with teachers and exams when we are ready. So free ! I like this system, but it’s also very hard to start studying when we have free time all the time. And thurthemore, the teachers was so helpfull in informatic, even if the subjects was difficult, they tried to help me each time I asked. And they were very present and never late (not like in some subjects, from what I heard).
And finally it was terrible. I discover the happiness of papers to enter in foreign country. So hard, so much time and so expensive ! This was the big black spot of my Erasmus exchange at UGD.

What was your best moment of the whole exchange?

The best moment, or rather the best momentS, was when I was spending time with all the people that I met here. For example, to eat together at home or at the restaurents, to meet around a cold beer in fool and horses, or to go in trip together. And without forgetting all the party we made together ! Just party to playing card of course, we are serious student ! ;)

What would you want to say to students thinking about going?

Even if it can be hard, even with all the problem you can have, try to go. The experience will be wonderfull if it s what you want. You will meet new people, discover a new ways of thinking, a new ways of living. You will learn a lot, not only in your studies, but in your life.
If you are afraid to be alone, don’t worry you will find people who are also in Exchange for sure, or foreigners with who you can become friend.
If you are afraid about the language, if you speak English or the language of the country where you go, you will not have any problems, and you will improve a lot!
If the administration things look complicated, you have very competent people to help you (big thanks to Sanja Stefanova and Martina Nikolovska). So it’s not an excuse.
And if you want informations, find people who have done Erasmus and ask them, it’s the best way to know how it’s going.

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