Leire San Nicolas

How would you describe your Erasmus experience at UGD?

If I had to choose one single word to describe my experience it would be awesome! When I arrived to Macedonia I did not know anything about it, only the few things I looked for before coming. I arrived with more students and I got amused with people who tried to help us with everything, although we did not understand each other because of the language. Of course, people of the university helped us with everything we needed: for the visa, paperwork for the university… But especially Erasmus buddies were wonderful, they helped us a lot and organized trips and activities to know more about the country. Apart from that the university also organized a lot of events to meet every Erasmus student and helped us to make relationship with everyone.

What do you think you have learned during your exchange, that you probably would not have learned had you not gone (academically or personally)?

I think I have learned so many things that I do not know if I will be able to explain everything. First of all, it is the first time I go out of my house and almost my country and that for me was a big deal to cope with, but it resulted to be great. I have met a lot of different people, with very different cultures and I have learned a lot of them. I also think that I have opened my mind to really different things that I would never have thought. I have learned to live with different people, to be more tolerant and respect more the people around me.

Moreover, professionally the exchange will help me a lot when it comes to work with people. I will be a nurse and my job consists on dealing with a lot of people, thanks to the exchange I will be able to communicate with any person in the world, no matter the language or the culture. Here, in Macedonia I have learned to talk with people without knowing the language, is something I would never have thought I could do.

Finally, Macedonia for the moment is not a typical destination of Erasmus, as in our country is the first time we have that choice. And that is the best part, I think my Erasmus+ experience is not comparable with anyone else´s, no better no worse, just different!

What would you want to say to students thinking about going?

I will recommend anyone to come to Macedonia for Erasmus+ program. Everyone should have exchange experience before graduating, but Macedonia is the perfect destination if you want to learn about the place, history, know local people, go party with friends and feel as if you were at home. It is also good that there are that much Erasmus student, so we get to know each other and create a small family. It looks very safe place and you can enjoy good weather almost all year. The most amusing thing is that people is really friendly and will help you with any problem you have.

All in all, Macedonia is an Erasmus+ destination you will never forget about, I wouldn´t change it at all!

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