Itxaso Mercero

University of the Basque Country - Medicine

How would you describe your Erasmus experience at UGD?

I would say my Erasmus at UGD has been an experience I will remember for the rest of my life. I chose this destination knowing almost nothing about the country (in search of adventure) and I can say it has been one of the best experiences in my life! This programme allows you to know more people from different countries and thanks to the events made by UGD we have been able to know each other much better and to establish closer relationships. Moreover, Erasmus buddies have been always really nice and helpful. They have always made their best if we needed something!

What do you think you have learned during your exchange, that you probably would not have learned had you not gone (academically or personally)?

I personally learnt in many ways during my Erasmus mobility. First, as you meet new people from different countries and cultures, you learn from one another by sharing different ideas and living new experiences. Second, as I stayed in a student dorm, I have learnt about cohabitation with other people and situations that were new for me, as it was the first time I was living away from my home.
Furthermore, I have to say I came to Stip in order to make my internship in the Hospital. This way I have been able to see the role of the nurse here and the different way of working with of the health staff, having not the same resources I used to work with.
In conclusion, I would say Erasmus is an experience in which you mature in many ways.

What would you want to say to students thinking about going?

I would tell them not to be afraid of taking part in this mobility. At first, it’s normal to feel insecure about a place you almost don’t know, but then, as I previously said, it becomes an experience you don’t want to be finished. Moreover, I believe it’s a gratifying experience you grow up with. I fell in love with Stip and its people, and I cannot wait to come back!

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