Irantzu Zubeldia Aramburu

University of the Basque Country

How would you describe your Erasmus experience at UGD?

It has been amazing. I study nursing and I didn’t know what to expect about the healthcare and internship here because Macedonia was an unknown country for me, but as soon as I started, I felt really comfortable and I got used to everything easily. The Erasmus coordinators, the buddies and the Vice-Dean were very nice and helpful to me, also all the health professionals in the hospital. Moreover, UGD has prepared activities like the Intercultural Night, so it was good for us to know each other and also to learn a bit more about other countries’ culture, typical food, traditions... They have done a great work!

What was your best moment of the whole exchange?

It’s difficult to choose the best experience of the whole exchange because you are enjoying every single moment of it, but how do I have to choose, I would emphasize the trips in group. The relationship between Erasmus students has been very close, and how Macedonia has a good location, being here simplifies to visit a lot of countries of the Balkans. Apart from the trips, meeting everyday and just being together was really cool, we always had fun!

What would you want to say to students thinking about going?

The first thing I would tell them is that the Erasmus experience in Macedonia has been one of the best experiences in my life. Going out from your home can be scary at the first moment, but as in a short time you meet a lot of people, different cultures and live new experiences, this becomes like your home and you don’t want this to finish. So I would tell them not to doubt to choosing Macedonia, it’s a small country with different culture and people so you can learn and also enjoy a lot with it.

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