Emilio Emma

University of Ferrara

How would you describe your Erasmus experience at UGD?

My experience at UGD was a very good experience. I could take exams whit very competent physician professors and I’m very thankful for that. I liked a lot Macedonian people and balkan’s culture. I really enjoyed my stayed in Stip and to have the possibility to meet other people with different culture and from different countries. Moreover, I have had the possibility to travel around Macedonia and also other countries like Kosovo, Montenegro, Serbia.

What do you think you have learned during your exchange, that you probably would not have learned had you not gone (academically or personally?

I learned to live in another country with different culture and different people. I learned a lot about myself and living with other people made me grow up. I learned that everything is possible if you want. Furthermore and by the way, I improved considerably my English.

What was your best moment of the whole exchange?

Every moment was very good but one of my favorite moment, during every week, was to go to the bakery opening 24h/24h after party or after studing to take banitza. One other very good moment was when I went to the mountain that surround Stip with other people from the Erasmus exchange, even if it started raining just at this moment, the landscape was very beautiful.

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