Anna Cecere

(Università Federico II)– student at the Faulty of Law at UGD

1. What was your best moment of all the exchange?

The most beautiful thing about the whole exchange was meeting wonderful Macedonian people and seeing so many beautiful places I had never seen before and I did not know they existed

2. What do you think you learned during your exchange, that you probably would not know that you left (academically or personally?)

I learned a new language and met a beautiful culture.

3. Do you think that your exchange can be useful for you in your future working life? How?

Assolutations yes, in the future maybe I would like to work in Macedonia 4-What would you say to the students thinking of going? DO NOT miss this fantastic opportunity

4. What does Erasmus mean for you?

Erasmus for me means new life, personal and professional growth.

5. How would you describe your overall experience in Macedonia?

Fabulous. It was a magical experience that I would certainly not have lived if I had not decided to leave in this new world, unknown but very interesting.

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