Agathe Laignel

University of Caen Normandie

How would you describe your Erasmus experience at UGD?

I had a very good Erasmus experience at UGD. I liked a lot my stay in Stip because I like the city and we were close with the Erasmus people. I liked as well discovering Macedonian culture; I would like to learn Macedonian language but there were no real classes adapted to Erasmus student. I was a bit disappointed for not having real classes in English, but it was an advantage to travel more around the country and studying less. The only teacher I had a meeting with, every week was very interesting and very comprehensive, I learned a lot from him.

Do you think your exchange can be useful for you in your future working life? In what way?

For sure this exchange will be very useful in my future working life, to evolve in another environment that I am not used to be. To face the problem and manage the difficult situation in a different context. It will be very useful with the evolution of myself, with this exchange I learn to be a little bit more myself, with less complex and more confidence, I think it will help me a lot in my future working life.

What would you want to say to students thinking about going?

If you could go in Erasmus don’t hesitate, even if it is hard sometimes to live without his family and his friends far from his country, we can find friends everywhere and it is an experience that bring you a lot about yourself.
Thank you very much for this amazing experience and good luck for the future!

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