Adrijan Mirchevski


My Erasmus+ period was in Italy, Rome at the University of Roma Tre. As a first time erasmus student or transfer student the experience gained from this trip is valuable beyond measure. Learning about their way of life,study system and in general their habits is a very entertaining thing to do. To my surprise the city and the university was filled with many students and people from other places around the world which gave an even better flavor to my stay there. A variety of mixture from Italians, French, Germans to Japanese, Korean, Chinese. It was a very fullfiling thing to not just learn and exchange information with the people from Italy but also from other part of the world. For the city itself as soon as you walk out of the plane there is places to go and be left and right,front and center. St. Pietro,The Vatican, Fountain De Trevi,the Pantheon and so on you name it. A week of non-stop walking and exploring won’t be enough time to enjoy and bask in the beauties of this ancient city.While visiting these places and exploring them you feel like now hold a precious piece of history inside you.Being here you easily lose track of time and the seconds, hours, days, months fly by so fast you wish you could turn back time and start it all over again.

You may wonder but what about the proffessors at the institute. Don’t you worry at all you will be pleasantly surprised by their teachings, their preparation and hardwork to make the classes an enjoyable environment and they always try to introduce to you a new piece of information you won’t see in the book you have. For those still in doubt and for those that have never planned to try and be an Erasmus student....

You were expecting for me to say go and do it? Ha,no such thing. Seeing is believing in my book so I will leave all the pep talk and persuasions aside you just have to see for yourself and take the “risk” it makes the journy more exciting!


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